STOP guys, please STOP! Reveiw exchange doesn't work.

Please read this article well:
Exchange reviews? You are doing it wrong! - Promote your app

Review Exchange harms your chances to succeed greatly!!

I don’t understand why this tactic is so popular, it DOES NOT WORK!

And as explained in the article, too many 5 stars reviews + little usage time would make your apps flagged as fraud and its visibility ranking will be lowered in Google Play.

What works better is download exchange and timely usage exchange! ← This what works! This what you all should do! Download the apps of each others, USE IT, if it’s a game, play FEW levels on it, and show screenshots that you are actually using it. And promote the game/app to your friends in exchange for the other dev to promote yours to his friends.

Mindless review exchange ===> Failure.

Of course, too many 5 stars ratings and reviews don’t work for increasing your app rankings and installs, so you must control the quantity of good ratings and positive reviews. Review exchange from your friends may is an acceptable way to promote your app, buy some positive reviews from a reliable app reviews provider also is an effective method if you have enough budget, which can provide the positive reviews from real users to help you.

In my opinion, your method doesn’t work too. Why? Because nobody want to do something free or without the guarantees that your request will be completed. Another thing is to buy app reviews. As we know, it works, because you pay for something and the service have to make it true then. Of course, it requires money, but you can’t reach good result either with the money or with efforts… What to choose? You choose personally. I faced with such problems and don’t regreat about paying for the services, because then I spent my time on something more necessary.