steps to create new google play account and publish apps

please help me … i want the step required to create new Google Play account , i’m have old account banned.
i create 2 more account but Google close both at the same day .
i want to create new account please help me , i can get new card .
is publish apk must build from another PC ?

do you use the certificate for new apps from banned account?
Do you really think that must be another PC? What if I am a developer which sells apps for other company which has own Google Play dev account? If that company create account and my app is first for them, Google should close their account?

You should Ask this to Google :slight_smile:

haha… I know but I try find any logical explanation. But there is any logic? :slight_smile:
I think that Google shouldn’t ban account for IP address and PC. But certificate should be new and the new account should be opened for someone else (sister, wife).

If you have created another accounts with same data and cards as banned one - don’t be surprised.
Register new account on new person with his card.

hi… my account got suspended…so got a new developers my problem is while republishing the apps… i knw i shud change the package name and certificate sign,but what about the computer??should the change the machine also?/i mean the ip??,…and my other doubt is… i use few monetising like airpush,millinial media…can i use those same old add id’s or i should change evn them… plz kindly help me… THnaks…:frowning:

Register all information that is not related in any way with the old banned account.

if play is banned and admob is not while they are on separate boogle account, can we link that admob to a new boogle account? is there a risk in this?

I think people are just making guesses here. We should trust on info which is tried and tested. It would be interesting to know what does Dan’s book from tells about this.

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Of course there is a risk from that. If you use any Google services between more than one account you are essentially linking those accounts together.
If you lose an account, you lose any accounts linked to that account.

@A1ka1inE, any tips on how to maintain multiple google accounts.

why didnt they banned admob till now ? its been one month that play is gone, just to mention not same name on two accounts, can i be caught if i use another play since obviously the linking has not been established between them, so admob is clean

I have the same problem. Admob knows the package names of banned apps and there will appear new apps… I won’t risk.

Maybe this thread helps you for creating new dev account.

New credit card, package names and keystore are not enough…

but if u change package names??? if there was a link between them, admob would already have been banned

Google knows all about connected accounts.
My admob from banned dev account is still alife, too.

But if they realize the connection oft your accounts, they bsn your admob and new dev account, too.

Admob banned a friends’ account and did never pay the outstanding earnings. Some thousands oft dollars.

I also want to usw admob, but I don’t

Just be overly paranoid.
Buy accounts off the guys who sell anon accounts.
Use different information to identify everything on different accounts
Use a proxy/vpn (pay for it, free ones are crap).
Compile apks on different machines for each account (virtual machine if you can’t use physical).
Use IE or FireFox for monitoring accounts and Private mode so cookies aren’t stored etc.
Never link any accounts together in any way.
If an account receives 2 app bans, discontinue use of it permanently. You could be super safe and leave it at 1 app ban.

Obviously nothing is guaranteed, but those tips are commonly utilized and I’m sure there are other tips you can utilize too.

And compile in different room, put notebook on different desk and change the seat for every different account. Changing clothes also maybe considered.

Is compiling on different machine / virtual machine really necessary? Does Eclipse store some trackable data in apk somewhere?

Some people believe so. Like I said, being overly paranoid is the best approach. Take every step you can take, since you don’t know what steps they actually take.

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