Stats on Google Play page


I launched an app on Android a while back, with a lot of trouble to get it off the ground (focus: the US market).

After a combination of Tapjoy (recommended for volume) and Facebook (recommended for quality of users, but very expensive), I finally managed to get to over 1,000 installs.

To be more concrete, it now says 170 current installs vs 1,142 total installs in my developer console.

However, on the Google Play page of the app, it still says “500 - 1,000 installs”.

Would anybody know why? Does it just take more time (it has been 2 days the app has more than 1,000 total installs, but this is still not reflected in Google Play).

Thanks for reading!:slight_smile:

Same here , my app has reach 1000 download for 2/3 days and still look in 500-1000 downloads

Same here.

Probably the Google scripts are also on a holiday. :slight_smile: Should be fixed soon.

Just as a quick follow-up: I am still stuck in the “500 - 1,000 installs” group on my Android app’s Google Play page.

I am over 1,000 downloads (total installs) for at least 5 days, now at 1,700 installs - still Google does not update and still shows the app has “500-1,000 installs” in Google Play.

Now I am guessing, the app must have considerably more than 1,000 downloads (perhaps 2,000+?) to be leveled up into the next group.

No, the script is just currently not working on Google Play. Seems to be the one that fails the most in my experience. It should be working normally soon, although it all depends on Google…

My apps download range have been updated, :slight_smile:

Mine, too.

It’s good to know for devs (at least for me) that Google sometimes needs time to update this information on the app’s page.