Static Interstitial or Video Interstitial ?


I am gonna launch a racing game this week. It has 40 Levels. Using Appodeal. Ad will show in beginning of each level and end of each level

Should I show Static Interstitial or Video Interstitial ?


Can you show me your game? Formats and frequency really depend on the game, but I wouldn’t recommend you showing ads at the start cause it’s bad for user retention.

I would agree with the previous comment as well. Too much will cause users to just stop playing.

For static or video… thats tough. Best bet is to mix it up and to read the comments about your game. Look for the complaints and work around them.

You might want to look into using more than one network for your ads. There may be a network that has a higher eCPM for a static ad, than a video. At the very least, using 2 networks can give you the ability to set up a waterfall so that the better paying network would get priority.

Check out Enhance® and how you can integrate multiple networks into your game in a matter of minutes. Interstitial ads, Video (rewarded) ads, Banners, Analytics even Mediation networks are available with a few mouse clicks.

Follow the link for more info :

Good Luck!