Starvue - Movies and TV Shows App Relesed

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For all the tv show lovers and movie buffs, Starvue is an amazing application as it provides all the latest updates about the tv shows and upcoming / currently playing movies.

The app can be used to watch trailers of the upcoming and currently playing movies and the tv shows as well. Through this app, the user will also be rate and review each movie and tv show.

With the search option, the user can search a movie/tv show and filter it according to their criteria and preferences. It is possible to search movies that are currently being played in the theaters.

The app also provides information about movie reviews, ratings, trailers, cast information and much more. Since the date of its release the app has already become quite a favorite among the users due to its significance and ease of use, the credit for which goes to excellent user friendly interface.


  • Excellent and Easy User Interface

  • Includes hollywood and bollywood movies and tv Shows

  • Top box office movies

  • Currently Playing / Upcoming / Popular / Top Rated Movies

  • Currently Playing / Airing Today / Top Rated / Popular tv shows

  • Watch Trailers of each movie or tv Show.

  • Rate and review each movie and tv Show

  • Search for movies and shows

  • Filter movies and tv Shows according to your criteria.

  • Add movies, tv Shows and popular celebrities to your Favourites for easy access.

  • Add movies and tv Shows to your Watch list to watch later.

  • Delete the review you wrote for any movie or tv Show.

  • Your search history

Login with your facebook id or sign up to access full features, as a guest you have limited access and cannot mark your favourites or write a review.

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