starting an app development startup ?

Hello everyone,

 well, i have been developing apps for iOS and android for 2 years now, however most of my apps are simple content apps.

i have doing very well indeed. I’m now starting a startup, which is basically I’m hiring 4 developers and graphic guys that will start to develop mobile apps on both platform, however I’m not sure if these startups succeed or where to find information about it, have any if you guys tried something similar or all of you still develop individually ? what do you think about this kind of startup ? and also i think i will continue to make these guys develop simple content app as its working good for me… tell me your ideas please, i need everyone’s help.

Well, @hitman_544 I must say that upgrading home team to develop application in a more elegant manner would be a good thing ! I am pretty much sure as the need of apps are growing more and more means if you get the correct shot at the correct time then you will be going great ! Anyway I would say in order to reach to the ladder of the success I would say try reaching out for the larger mobile application development firms and try to collaborate with them and eventually you will climb the ladder up as you said you have previously developed simple application means you know how to work what now required is little more brushing !! :slight_smile: All the very best for that!

I would say it’s a great idea to turn this into a full/proper business.

Just curious though, are you planning to make your own apps? Or get clients that need apps developed?

If clients type, hope you’re ready for sales & marketing, an aspect that lots of technical folks find “annoying”.

If own apps, then why not go the freelancer way? It might provide better flexibility, but there are pros and cons. Like you surely dont want to be unable to pay your developers at end of month if you can’t get projects.

I guess what you’re aiming with your business is what matters. Its a great journey surely… and challenges would surely make it more fun…

Just my 2 cents…

Hello promo, thanks very much for your reply. can you please explain more by what you mean by try reaching out for the larger mobile application development firms, do you mean we should develop complex, high quality , apps/games instead of simple content apps? or you mean we should stick with a single app(project) ? did i get this right ? :slight_smile: thanks again for your help. @promo87

Hello bill, i want to thank you first.

I’m actually planning first to stick with developing our own apps, then when we have enough experience and budget we start hiring a sales and marketing team and kick off from there. what do you think ?

i have never thought about the freelancer tho, i think this needs a very experienced developers and the competition is very high, i have personal never tried it but checking on freelancer websites i find it kind of hard to actually get a project, what are your thoughts about it ?

thanks again :slight_smile:

You’re welcome!

One thing I’m very sure though is that you need passion to go that route. It really is more “elegant” as @promo87 has said. If you’re really passionate about it, I say go ahead, just dive in, and learn along the way.

As for your plan on sales and marketing, the advice from the more experienced folks is that you should start that from day 1. You never know when you could get a major project that brings your business to great heights.

I’m sensing the developer in your is showing here, in that you’re pushing the sales and marketing to later. I’ve been guilty of that myself, still shying away from these most important aspects of business. So now I’m learning these stuff, trying to reach out to others, and see where it goes.

The easiest way to start with the marketing part is start a blog, be active on social networks, connect with fellow developers and potential clients. Even if you’re not building apps for clients for now… it would be great getting connected with others and establishing your name out there.

I’ve not tried freelancers so far. Your assumption is right on me, I’ve been a solo developer so far. And I’ve also heard lots of scary stories of them, like disappearing acts they make. Or the final product being nowhere what you were expecting. These are the risks (I call them fun) part of being an entrepreneur.

I can go on and on about this, guess I’m really passionate about the business aspect of the apps world now after being a developer for over 4 years. Let me stop here, so that I can write more later :stuck_out_tongue:

PS - Let me know if I can help with any marketing strategies and ideas, I’m building on this now for myself. And that’s what I’m rebranding my blog for at MobiAdage (self promotion? LOL!). Or connect with me on

Well, @hitman_544 I was actually referring you to join the larger mobile app development firms like there are a number of companies that divides the app development into parts and share the parts to all the smaller firms like you said you have a small team for now and I was thinking that instead of talking the large project on your own get the sub parts from larger firms work over it and I am pretty much sure that it’s going to help you in learning more of the concepts and if you think you are good enough then better drop this idea ! :smiley: I wish you all the success with your work … :slight_smile: