Starting a new native ad network

Hey everybody,

I’m pretty new to this forum, but it seems like mobile monetization is a big problem. I’m starting a premium native ad network for developers by developers that makes sure of the following things:

a. Good CPMs because the publishers and ads are optimized and premium
b. Gives you design advice on how to properly integrate the ads
c. Superior customer service
d. Amazing user experience - has any of your users smiled when he/she saw an ad?

We are opening up a limited beta to the public in the next few months. Would love to talk to a few people on here to see what you are looking for and how we can help you out.

Can you PM me or reply below?

PS: The main question you are probably asking is why trust this dude. Without giving away too much, I’ll say I’ve been a developer for 15+ years and have started 2 companies and want to help you succeed by solving your problems. I don’t want to ruin your user experience with some shitty display ads.

What new stuff are you bringing on board because we have heard these stories for sometime now. Its simple, we developers want money. Show us the $$$. You want developers to work with you just splash the $$ like startApp did when they started! This way, we will love you and you will also be rich(I know that’s your dream)!

The ultimate network for me would be as follows:

  1. Stable eCPMs with clear instructions on how to maintain a good eCPM (through integration tips and best practices etc etc).
  2. Fast payment terms (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly), depending on revenue generated or something along those lines.
  3. Reliable website/systems/dashboard.
  4. Reliable support with Skype contacts and IM via Dashboard for example.
  5. Bonuses like referrals or dedicating large amounts of traffic.
  6. Good array of ads - Banner, Interstitials(video/appwall/ad), maybe PPD and other competitive ad units.

I’d say those points are a good sum up for me.

I expect you hire some gfx-man, so banners and fullscreen ads will not be that boring as those from AirPush are.

Hey guys, thank you so much for the feedback - it’s much appreciated. We have premium brands signed up with trials to go, but audience and usage matters a lot. So would love to talk more.

Babuye, A1ka1inE and I0OoIolIlO - I’m PMing you guys individually to show you what we have right now.

When are you going live :confused:

Could you also give an overview of “native ads” and how you guys are going about it?

some developers might not be familiar as native ads is a new thing in the mobile ads space.


Hey bill1979, that’s a really good suggestion!

We are starting off with feed and table-view integrated ads that don’t ruin your user experience. Here’s an example of one of our Android creatives:

Also - our idea of fill rate and new media ads is different than most.

Here’s a link to our form if you guys are interested:Dev Media

I think it’s worth nearly everybody’s time to sign up - because our ad format is really new and doesn’t have to disrupt the one you already have - it’s just a value-add - you don’t lose anything by trying us out.

  1. Are these ads google play compliant? - I do not see a close button, for instance.
  2. Do you support 3rd party markets?
  3. Revenue generation and payment terms?

Seems like this ad type doesn’t suitable for games. Maybe good for those reading/scrolling apps.

Native ads are suitable for games too, just that it looks like this network is starting off with views/ad formats that are more suitable for apps for now. Guess @ubeyou is right.

Will keep an eye out for how they proceed with future integrations.

Hey guys, we probably will integrate games in the future - but right now we are dealing with kinds of apps -

a. Walkthrough guides
b. Any news apps
c. Any content apps

However, as we expand - we will probably get into games.

Any response to my queries?

  1. News-feed ads are Google Play compliant automatically since you can always scroll away.
  2. Of course
  3. Depends on our pilot contracts and your audience, but we expect much higher eCPMs that usual average. We will allow you to withdraw pretty quickly (within a week) after our pilot program.