Started to work on an App for parents - should I try to continue - total garbage?

I’m a speech-language therapist. A lot of what I do is to educate parents on ways they can help with their young children’s speech and language development. Seemed like an App would be a good way to give parents some ideas on a regular basis (and maybe eventually make a little $). I set up this web site Home | Speech and Language - Ideas To Grow OnSpeech and Language ? Ideas To Grow On | Simple ideas to help parents develop their children’s speech, language and social communication. mostly as a place to store the ideas that would feed into the App. That is as far as I’ve gotten. As you can see I’m not much at web sites and have no skills what so ever at making Apps.

What do you think of this concept? Is it worth pursuing? If its total garbage please let me know. Time and money are not things I have much of to waste.

Thanks much for your time.

I’d say that a reminder for what a parent can do, could be handled by a simple emailer app on a server. Parents could sign up and get the advice to their email account. I suspect most would (sadly) just delete the email and treat it as spam… A better idea perhaps would be to treat the kids directly. Is there something you give the children who present with issues. Exercises or something along those lines, that you might consider as home-work. Could you see a way to make them interactive, and fun?
Educating parents is cool and your blog might go a long way towards that. The blog would be a great way to bring parents to your app which you could charge for… Not a small amount either… Price is perception, if you build a good app charge 20$ or something for it. If it’s a very effective app you may find government or education system funding for such an app.

As for developing the application, there are a pile of tools out there for building apps for next to free. Don’t outsource the app. You’ll likely get something crappy, and it has to be something you’d actually see as effective. Everyone I’ve ever met who outsouced ended up paying twice as much as hiring someone…

PS I think this is a great idea.

Surely nobody understands the depth of your idea like yourself (naturally nobody here is a speech-language therapist) so I will address the topics that I do understand about…
No matter how much potential your idea has you are going to need to invest in proper marketing and visual assets… I guess you will never know if your idea is “great” or “total garbage” as you mentioned, till you will fully commit to it - time and money wise
Currently your website is a default wordpress theme that has no visual candy to it, its default aand not appealing…
Hope you found some advice within my words…

If it take too much amount for your development and marketing then better you should not go with that rather than it find something more which will be similar like that but it can capture more vast area using its unique concepts and features.If taking low cost or ur budget is low then you can take a try by go ahead with that concept.

parents should keep an eye with leomaster app

Totally not, man, I think it might a pretty useful app. I am thinking two things: firstly, gather researches and start collecting data that’d show that your app works. When you’ll have some of these - and these will actually prove to you yourself that the app is good, since it helps.
Then I recommed doing a little research for some people who might be interesting in putting an investment into your idea. If you show them the data you will have collected, they will be more likely convinced. Check out similar, data-driven psychologically inspired projects like from Poland. Awesome.