StartApp's new Portal

Today I saw StartApp’s new Portal it seems awesome. What you people think?

It will be hard to get used to it, but I think it is good step. It give more information about earnings than old portal… Startapp is great, but the only bad thing is in their SDK - you need to put dev string i initializing method… It may help Google in linking accounts…

Yes great step. Yes I agree with you on sdk issue however I think google will not do this because they have many other ways for that.

Its looking great i already had it a month ago on the beta version, we can see the current day earning, and we can do more search with many filters, like ecpm by countries, and current dau.

the best feature I liked is DAU

where do you see current day earning? I can see only yesterday earnings as always… it would be great to have current day

You can select today on the date list box

Is revenue from Startapp as good as Mobilecore?

I dont use mobilecore, but for startapp ecpm is between 1-4$ for interstitial ads, 2-12$ for splash ads, it depends on the countries…

What are most of your geo? Does it perform well on South east asian countries?

I think the ecpm is huge for south korea even more for japan more than 20$, but lower for other countries, you can get 1-4$.

@CassidyStartApp can gives you guys all details about startapp ecpm and how and when to display your ads to get the best earning, she is a nice person !

If most of your traffic comes from Southeast Asia,maybe you can try Mobvista in which you could use Startapp via mediation

Hey everyone!

I’m glad to hear that you like the new portal so far!

If you see any bugs, have any trouble with the portal, or simply want to give some feedback, please email our support team at: [email protected]. They’re working around the clock to make sure the transition is smooth for everyone!


Hey Cassidy! I found a little bug but maybe it’s because i have old link to your dashboard in bookmarks. When I login and close browser and want to open it again with your dahsboard - I can’t login (in address is sth. like 'someone with this creedentials is already logged). But when I will click on your main page and dashboard again it’s ok.

But I have more important questions - can you change the initialization of your SDK so that I don’t have put dev id in the init code?

Hey mmmkkksss,

Thank you for bringing this bug to our attention. I have a feeling that it may be related to the old link, but I’d encourage you to open a ticket on support so our portal team to can take a look at it.

And for your second question, I’d recommend opening a ticket for that as well so I can pass it along to our technical team for review. They will be able to give you a more detailed answer than I can.


The new Dashboard looks great, but my account is blank for some reason. I have a ticket open with support, so hopefully it won’t be a big issue.

My network from turkey and other countries my ecpm is very low. 0.20 for splash 0.10 for intersitials and 0.01 for banners…its very bad,and after new portal my ecpm is 0.00 (%25 CTR ) .i try mopub marketplace banners its better than startapp banners

StartApp earning going worst in these days.
Checkout following 100 clicks and only 0.06.

Same with me…i have 4500 impressions 700 click 0.10 ecpm