StartApp's Apology for Payment Delay with a bonus of $50 as compensation.

Today I got Apology Mail from StartApp for Payment Delay with a bonus of $50 as compensation. Is it great? :slight_smile:

I think this is called professionalism.

What the hell I didn’t get my March 1st payment yet.

March 2013? or March 2014?

Yes, i also got their Mail. that is true professionalism :slight_smile:

March 2014

StarApplication, Geez all these new ad networks popping up out of nowhere, How are they compared to startapp? I prefer to stick with adnetworks already established, Tried a new one before and 3 months later they went out of business and I never got paid.

I didn’t get the email:( Maybe because I got the payment on time…;p

are they late for February payments? or are these for march payments

**** they have always paid me in time :smiley:

How can you get 1st march payment on 28th fe?? :mad:
My thread is about StartApp not for StarApplication

for February payments. They will pay one time in march.

Your payment method will be Paypal. :stuck_out_tongue:

nope, only wire:)

Then congrates. this means you are in start of list. :slight_smile:

if only their ads were generating any reasonable revenue right now…

and no i didn’t get the extra 50 bucks for them being late.

I got it two, i use wire transfer since their Paypal account ban. :rolleyes: