StartApp zero installs yersterday?

For the day of May 14 I have received about 2000 impressions and zero installs, the day before I had the same number of impressions with 1300 installs, did it happen to you too?
I hope that it’s just a delay in the visualization…

me too…

day before yesterday(13th) my installs are around 130
yesterday (14th) it is 0…
the revenue from download is 0 too…

Yeah it looks like they’re having reporting issues.

yeah same in here no install, but still got impressions

“To all Developers - Download statistics for May 14th are currently unavailable. The statistics will be available shortly. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding.”
-my dashboard

Hey All,

Sorry for this inconvenience.

Rest assure that the stats are not gone, simply a delay in displaying them in the portal.

Our tech team is on this and stats should show soon.


They are ok, thanks for the attention.