StartApp vs Appwiz Review & Revenue Statics

StartApp vs Appwiz Review, Revenue Statics & How Appwiz is Scamming. Sharing Experience of Both Ad Networks.

Many people here are talking about AppWiz is scam or they are not giving their money etc. However I can say that AppWiz is not scam because I got paid from them. :slight_smile:

Then why people are not being paid.?? Simple Answer they don’t follow their guidelines. Now if you come to guidelines these are not good for most of developers because developer think about their app usability but AppWiz only think about his profit. So developers does not implement their ads according to them and they don’t pay to most of developers.

AppWiz Provides 2 types of monetization

  1. Search Monetization (Low PPD Rates if Only this however they will stop offering PPD if you don’t add their in app ads after many mails from anni that you have to add their in-app ads. Their final works will be like

So, at the end if we will not be able to turn this upside down we will not be able to continue working with PPD on your account and can do only in app ads.

  1. Display Monetization (AppWall, Carrier Offers, Exit Ads, Premium Ads) with very low eCPM compared to StartApp because Appwiz steal from these ads and give you in ppd.

Now Lets Compare these two networks and See how Appwiz is offering PPD model actually which is just a real scam.

Note: All data in my images are from my accounts except one image which was provided by Nabukodonosor

1) Who Pay More???
See these two images. 1st from my account and second from Nabukodonosor account and compare the results.

a) StartApp: Downloads: 108,060 = $217.71
Impressions:397,541 = $738.30 (banners excluded because Appwiz does not have these)
Total = $956.01

a) Appwiz: Downloads: 107,997 = $519.04 (Downloads look almost same but these are half of actual downloads see next point)
Impressions:1,096,672 = $301.73
Total = $820.77

2) Download Count Scam

There are two images of my accounts for same date. You can see that Appwiz count is 3 times less than startapp.

Then Finalize this thing. How appwiz is making developers fool by offering high rates of PPD and giving developers very low than they deserve.
Appwiz steal very huge money from in-app ads and from that they pay little money in PPD showing that they are paying more than anyone.
They will never work with you only PPD model because their PPD model is just a scam. They will force you to add there in app ads if you will not do this then you will not be paid. Their downloads count is also another scam.

Hello emmastacey/
One thing to be clear here- Download / installs count depend on USER accepting EULA, now if you run both Appwiz and StartApp EULA’s one will always get a lower rate of EULA accept percentage, and this is cas the user enter the App sees the first EULA click Accept and when he come across 2nd EULA he is at a point when he really notice it/ read it and most likely to click the Skip button the 2nd time. Has nothing to do with Appwiz what so ever.

Here at the end: made a little more wit StartApp and this is good to see how the competriton are working, both StartApp and us have no control of how / when or where you chose to run your ads, it is all about in App display location of the ad, display time and your choice of who’s EULA to run first.

If i were you I would have kept going with both, you have to revenue streams, one always be higher then the other, cas it is all up to your implementation in your app flow.

Your case study cas just show everyone out here, that you can work with many SDK’s and generates great deal of money and grow as we go,

Over all these screen shots are vague - we dont know name of apps, we cannot know if app list is the same, cannot compare ads implementation process, I can easily prepare a screen shot that will tell a different story.

And I will say it once and for all- Appwiz is now accepting only PPD accounts if you would like to do so, we accept all kind of traffic sources USA and None !

But I was happy to see this, and you are more then welcome to send more of your feedbacks on [email protected]


Hi Anni,

These images are original I can show you my accounts on skype but no interested in you. :stuck_out_tongue: Any other member of the forum can requiest to see and I will show the account. :slight_smile: Apps are also same. :smiley:

Can you please come on Skype? Anni-Appwiz Thanks
Or just your name to my e mail [email protected] to check the account


The second screenshot is mine, from that other thread. I don’t know what you’re trying to do by stealing it.


I have mentioned that it is yours. Here we are talking about second two pics.

Note: All data in my images are from my accounts except one image which was provided by Nabukodonosor

Sorry, didn’t see that/

Its okay. :slight_smile: I wrote this especially to show you diffrence :slight_smile:

Stay away from appwiz even if they would pay real PPD 1000£ because they are scammers(they will not send you your money then block you in skype), If they steal you 10 cents they would steal you even more, how we do anything is how we do everything.

They didn’t pay me what it was written in the dashboard, as soon as they didn’t get new downloads from me, they are scammers.Remove them before they scam you.I am not the only one who says this.
Even in mmmkkksss book in the suggested ad networks it is written to stay away from them, you can figure out why.

I was paid by them too, but as soon as my app was banned by google they didn’t pay me, even if they sent emails asking me to reintegrate their SDK.Just read my thread in signature.


They pay PPD after stealing from in-app ads. actually there is no ppd at all. :[ So Stay Away.

not that i’m defending Appwiz (see my signature, no Appwiz link there :slight_smile: but with those impressions you will qualify for the $500 bonus , i think. Correct me if i’m wrong thou. I’m personally using both and StartApp performs better, about 20% more users click the EULA and the ECPM is higher. Appwiz ads are very low quality, Starapp 3D full page is the best looking ad unit on the market right now, imho

They also paid me less than the dashboard says by 50-100$,
And also were really late with it.
I’ve removed all my apps from Appwiz, They don’t have any respect for developers, they just use them

Exactly. Their behaviour toward developers is rude.

I suggest That everybody that has been scammed by some ad network should add in signature so all people can see.

Yesterday I read old chat with anni-appwiz, really bad she kept replying sorry you are not eligible for payment. then she keeps replying in the forum like they are good honest company.So bad way to make money.

I dont want to see Appwiz scam in all Appwiz users signatures :slight_smile: , I scammed too :frowning:

Me Toooooooooo. :[

First, I would like to know who you are and your real name so we can check your input and comments.

2nd- As you said on your posts you always got paid, and this what this is all about.

Talking to my developer who you copied his screen shot and compare to yours- How can you compare and analyze to none similar accounts???
Even if you have same amount of monthly installs for the month of Dec.

This comparison is way wrong!
Not same account,not same developer, not same apps, not same traffic, not same implementation process, too different SDK’s he uses Appwiz you are using StartApp.


That is what all is about, Infact you have always paid your publishers, go tell jokes in other places.You still owe me my money, You didn’t send me the amount written in the dashboard, In my thread there is every proof that you are a scammer.You didn’t give me the reason of why you didn’t pay me for me it is ok I am clear and pure, no need to keep things hidden, just post here share with everybody, why you didn’t pay me.

The only reason is because you are a scammer, robber and thief.

Why do you keep kidding us?

look at her responses:

[07/01/2014 20:31:15] ello io: I read on the forum and I keep reading that you scam people, that’s not good!I am so disappointed you should stop it, we are just developers trying to make some money like you, this is too bad.Stop it please!
[08/01/2014 07:58:28] Anni Appwiz: Pls stop writing me
[08/01/2014 07:58:38] Anni Appwiz: this is way over the line

You are not eligible for the payment sorry.
You are not eligible for the payment sorry.
You are not eligible for the payment sorry.
You are not eligible for the payment sorry.

These are her responses to any question asking her reason of why they didn’t pay.

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