StartApp vs Airpush August 2014

I’ve tried StartApp for a whole month (July 1 -31, 2014) and generate a revenue of $1.7k and happy to the result.

Break Down
SDK Download (PPD Model) - 109,447 Downloads for $ 366.58

Splash ad type - 356,608 impressions for $ 337.66 (1$.21 eCPM)
Intertitial ad - 2,061,414 impressions for $ 774.83 ($0.48 eCPM)
Slider ad - 114,688 impressions for $ 56.95 ($0.64 eCPM)

Banner ad - 1,071,332 impressions for $ 59.24 ($0.07 eCPM)
Native ad - 891,882 impressions for $ 82.90 ($0.12 eCPM)

TOTALS 4,495,924 impression plus 109,447 Downloads for $ 1,678.15 $0.37 eCPM

My daily revenue is around $40 - $70 mostly $60

Then suddenly I’ve tried Airpush where they claim $0.02 per US user download. Then I check my stats in Google Play Store I found out 1k US install per day more or less. So meaning I will generate $20 for US only. How about my Non-US User 3k user download per day. The rate of Non-US is $0.002 per download. meaning $6 for non-US Total of $26 for US and Non-US

I was suprised of the result. Of my first week $90 per day.
Break Down of Airpush
Smart Wall/Intertitial ads - 57,777 impressions for $75.51 ($1.30 eCPM)
Bundle 1 /EULA / PPD Model - 2,345 install for $17.74 ($7.57 eCPM)
Banner Ads - 27,215 impressions for $5.05 ($0.18 eCPM)

Total of 84,992 impressions plus 2,345 download for $98.29 ($1.13 eCPM) for 1 Day
And the revenue is stable ranging from $90 to $100 daily. And I think it will grow up to $200 per day after several days.

And they have a skype support where in very helpful to all my question.

I both recommend this to ad network because they give a good result for US users.

Try it by visiting the link below
StartApp - Register ($15 bonus for first 100,000 impression)
Airpush - Register

Welcome to the forum! Nice Revenue report.
Note that StartApp don’t pay for downloads in referral any more, since they have removed their PPD model. I would edit your post so as not to mislead other developers.

What networks did you use in the past?

Done editing
I was in StartApp, Lead-Bolt and now in Airpush. I am still trying Airpush for this month. In the first week it gives me a sky-high revenue.


ZNice Reports.