StartApp Very low eCPM

Hi, I create a new account on StartApp 10 days ago. I have a lot of impressions but my eCPM is really low.

For intertitial is 0,15$ yesterday and for banner is 0,09$. Is this normal? I see other post with more eCPM. Thanks

From some last days startapp ecpm is low.

Yep, it’s the lowest eCPM that i’ve seen. Which eCPM is normal in StartApp?

I don’t really know what is wrong with StartApp. My yesterday ecpm was $0.20 …

you can see normal ecpm in this thread. StartApp vs Appwiz Review & Revenue Statics - Advertising Networks - Making Money with Android

eCPM of StartApp is very very low from the last 2 days. let thinking about change ads network now:D

I think the old startapp is coming back again in these first days of september. I can see a sunshine :slight_smile:

still depth low

I’m having a relative low eCPM, too (sometimes, at some apps and without a regular basis). But I’m not sure what happened about StartApp, because not only has decreased slightly my eCPM but all my impressions! I had about 20000 impressions per day this August, but now I have only 10000. What happened? Any ideas? Is something related to the new StartApp SDK?

Firstly my ecpm near 1.5$ for splash and 0.05 banners but now i how more users and more ecpm but my ecpm 0.10 for splash 0.00 or 0.001 for banner… i want to change my adnetwork… my app users %70 from Turkey and %30 from other countries

I tried(almost 2 weeks) them last week but my eCPM is very low. I remove them and stick with MobileCore.

If you have a good number of daily impressions (10000+) I highly suggest to use Chartboost at highest priority and backfill them with Admob or Mobilecore or any other decent performing Network. We tried out a lot in the last months, but no other framework can provide a good transparency on your ads displayed and all of them lack the possibility to block low performing ads. I currently manually block around 500 ad campaigns in Chartboost. This might result in a lower fill rate of 65-75%, but it can guarantee you an ecpm of at least $4-5. The more you block, the higher your ecpm and the lower your fillrate. The backfill does the rest. It takes a while to find a good balance, but it’s worth it.

can you post your results with charboost? I haven’t tried them…

Give me another week so that I can post a full 7 days report + comparision to Admob. I’m still optimizing a bit and it takes a few days to see the full outcome.

Which platform are you using chartboost? Android or iOS? Do you use custom frame? I have some experience on Chartboost in android apps, for me, it can not compete with admob. And after a few days, I can not login my account!! And there was no reply after sending them email about this issue! A very bad experience on chartboost!

I use it on both, Android and iOS without costum frames. I am simply blocking other advertisers campaigns that perform bad in our app. If you don’t use this to your favor then yes, it would perform worse for us as well.

Thanks for response. So does chartboost perform better in iOS than in Android? I believe that you need some time to figure out which advertisers campaigns are bad for your apps, right? how long does it take?

Yes, they perform about 2 times better on iOS, but I guess that’s the case for almost any network out there. You can block some advertisers out pretty soon. It depends on the amount of impressions shown. If I see a slot app for example that generated 5000 impressions and only one install for 50cents then it’s pretty clear to block it. If some word game only generated 300 impressions yet and zero installs you need to wait a bit, but you can also block some out just by guessing they perform bad. In our app slot, bingo, casino, card games etc don’t convert anything so I can block all of them instantly. The optimization can take weeks and even after that you should review your ads one time per week for a few minutes again, but overall you can clearly see how your ecpm and total money increases step by step.

Very detail answer, thanks!

Yeah for sure gotta ditch startapp.