StartApp Updates Thread

Hi All,

Nothing better than coming back from vacation and finding out Google changed the rules!

And what great timing, Friday afternoon, ruining everyone’s weekend…

I hope everyone had a few days to realize the magnitude of these changes, I assume this is a big change for a lot of you.

I won’t take too long, as we’ve already sent out a few emails to all our developers with the plans and next steps, I wanted to open this thread for any specific questions anyone might have about us and the next steps and use it to send updates when we have.

A few key points -

  • We have already separated our SDK’s a while back to offer our in-app ad units in a completely separated SDK. This has a few ad units, including our killer 3D app wall. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out this video - The 3D Ad: Our Latest Ad Type | StartApp, this is completely compliant, and you can use this immediately.
  • A few new SDK’s will follow, with a few ad units that will be a fantastic addition to our in-app ones.
  • Some good news - We will combine both revenue share and PPD, so this unique payment model will remain.

As always, you are more than welcome to contact me directly, here or via email ([email protected]) as well as our support which is always available for any questions - [email protected]

No doubt things are going to change, but we are super confident we’ll come out with a few solutions to keep our 50,000+ apps using our SDK happy.

All the best everyone, stay tuned for news,

Great to hear that from you Ariel,
ps: thanks for the advance payments :slight_smile:

That is VERY good news Ariel!
Looking forward for what you have for us!

A quick update -

First, and thanks furioussoftware for reminding me, we sent out payments early (also to compensate you guys for the PayPal delay last time…).

We’ve released an updated in-app SDK, with a few tweaks and improvements to our 3D app wall.

I welcome everyone to give it a shot, I’m confident you’ll be happy with the results!


i tried your in app sdk a few days ago and i noticed that i cant use only the 3d wall or only the exit ad (interstitial 1 game ad) , is there a code to show only 3d wall ?

Thank startApp for payment in advance. I’m still loyal to the startApp and wait 1 new from startApp change to cope with the new policy of google. I also think the new store will use one outside Google can play to continue using startApp. I think if startApp can build yourself one store is too good. Why not?

nice :slight_smile:

so i have a question, is the final SDK you release is today? or nearly 30 day limit?

if you’ll be releasing nearly 30 day limit, maybe i’ll just wait for your new SDK.
because it’s a pain if i must double update all my apps for that new SDK :slight_smile:

why all offers are the same in the 3d wall ? its a bug…


Depends where are you from, maybe they have a low fill rate on your country?

guess what, I also have same issue. All ads are same in appwall. Even US users also see this. What’s happening StartApp?

Hi All,

Thanks for the quick feedback on this!

Androidude & Steve - I’ve immediately sent this to our tech team, as it definitely looks like a bug. We have a very good coverage of apps, this should not be happening.

Eyadse93 - That’s a solid point, right after the release of the 3D we wanted to control the quantity of the ads, so this option was not available. Our next SDK release will allow you this control between full page and app wall ads.

About the latest SDK we updated - We will have an updated SDK + a couple of new ones available on the site by September 15. But, since this in-app SDK is already compliant, I suggest updating to this latest one and in the future pick up the newer SDK (alongside any other updates you have planned).


Been using your exit ads in one of my not so popular app (total 1000+ downloads only). However, I noticed the eCPM for exit ads is $0 on so many days and then one of the odd days, its $3-6.

why so much fluctuations. I am just worried if i try with my top apps, it might not perform well

Hi Appsg,

This is strange behavior, I don’t know what is causing this but an app that gets this amount of daily downloads should have a steady eCPM day after day.

I’d like to take a closer look at your app and traffic, would you email me your devID ([email protected])

I’ll see what’s going on.