Startapp suspended account - they are scam!

My account at Startapp was suspended without any reason. I think that they can scam devs by suspending accounts when you are starting earning money. Anyone has skype to the people from there which can help me checking why acc was suspended? Support ticket can’t give me any info. I’m very sad because I really liked this company, but now I can’t rely on them anymore.

Did you fill in the app URL in the “My Apps” section? And what was your daily revenue ?

Used them since they first came about, never any issues. Like Mak said, did you link your apps properly?
Very alarming that you can’t get info from their support…Their support is always good in my experience.

How long you had an account with them?

I had account for last 2 years and made good money with them… I have never problems with them. They suspended my account without any email. Support said that they detected automated clicks/impressions. My every app was clean, I never used any fake clicks or even paid installs… Support can’t say which app was wrong… anything. They just can’t proof anything to me, because I’m clean. They just wanted to stole my money

That’s really bad :frowning: I’ve heard a few other stories recently about them doing this…
Hope you get resolution on the matter. Keep pressing them.

Thanks man, currently they are not responding on support ticket (I wrote to them to show any proof or say anything more). Skype to people of the team in Israel is not responding… They have publishers in deep ass

Edit: I also heard about 3 other devs who had such problems and they just needed to change network… Sad, because I liked startapp… Now I have to find new network and I advise you to do the same

Currently I’m talking with support to find out what was the purpose of banning. Howerver money for may didn’t come to me… Hope they will fix it ASAP

After 15 days my account was unbanned. Thanks to Shir (a good support) we found out that this was only an integration problem. Currently my account is working fine. The thread can be closed. Thanks to you all for the help! Currently i`m still planning to work with Startapp

yeeeeaaah i was thinking of why ecpm are decreasing ? The answer was found :smiley:

Im happy for you :slight_smile: keep earning money !!

What integration problem do you have?

Can you give his skype id? My account is banned also I dont know the reason

My revenue and Impressions have been decreasing nearly -%30 since 3 days. My app gets same installs, nothing has changed.

What about you guys ? Also startapp havent added easter egg bonus to my earnings yet.

Yeah their CPM is all over the place past month

@mmmkkksss how did you do it? My acc is also banned without reason. Please contact me

You must write to support and wait while Shir will answer you. That is all you can do.