Startapp - Super bad CPM - 0,07$?

I have an app that I didn’t gave too much attention because I lost all of my code, but now that I see, i found that this app has 1.3M impressions a month :open_mouth:
Although, the CPM on startapp is 0.07$, is that normal?
This app made 90$ in this month, with 1.3 Million impressions… I have apps with 10k impressions that make more than this…
This is my problem, or startapp? Because on admob, an app with this impressions can make at least 3500$
Thank you.

I have the same problem. They show much less impressions and very bad cpm. I asked them why. They said most of my users don’t want to see ads etc.
FAN and Admob is better but google play banned my app so I cannot use them. Now I am updating my apps to replace startapp with adincube.

Yes, they said that to me too, like, 5 times… Users don’t want to see ads? obviously ****ing not, no one likes ads… And btw, I have 155k clicks, so, what’s happening?
Maybe I should remake this app, maybe it worth the pain. Do you know some network with good revenue?

Yes StartApp sucks now. I used FAN and Admob. First showing FAN then Admob. FAN fill rate is %60 so %40 goes to Admob. Both brought good revenue. After GP banning my ads both gave up showing ads :frowning:
1 week ago I tried adcolony interstitial ads and users immediately complaint so I removed it. Now I implemented adincube and waiting to see results.
By the way, if you have keystore why don’t you decompile your apk. Some sites provides ads injection without decompiling. they inject which ads you want.

here is my 30 days stats

I don’t have keystore, I’ll contact startapp and try to understand why the hell this is happening.
I think i’m going to try chartboost, i found good stats on their users… But for that i’ll need to remake the app. maybe it worth it.

Chartboost is suitable only if you are okay to receive ads related to games.

Anyone knows if startapp gives good fill rate for emerging countries?

I heard the same from my friend. As he has a music downloader and always is a risk to be deleted from the store he used startapp. I use mediation and there are lot of networks including startapp, chartboost, unity ads, vungle and many others. In anytime you can turn on/turn off any ad network.

How is AdinCube working for u?