StartApp stats - any advice ?

Hello friends!

I’ll go straight to the subject. I’m using StartApp in both Android & iOS apps (that are free of course). I am not happy at all with my current revenue, but I don’t really know what to do to improve that. I’d like to mention also that I hired a dev to make the apps as I am a total noob in terms of programming. Here’s a screenshot with the last month - October 2015:

Daily Active Users =~ 7-8 K.

Total app installs:
Android - 150.000+
iOS - 9.000+

I have been banned from Admob (after around 2 weeks) because a moron that made a zerg pack of similar apps with mine yet with extremely poor content clicked my ads like a nut shell. Regarding “app behaviour” I have higher traffic durring weekends, and considering this from Monday to Thursday it does around 1 GB per day traffic, on Friday it goes to around 3 GB, and Saturday-Sunday go for 10+ GB in traffic. Database is around 5-8 MB.

I’ve heard about mediation networks yet I understand those use Admob so as I am blocked there, can’t do much, but is my StartApp revenue ok?

Many thanks in advance for your comments, a thousand apologies if I mistaken the place where I placed my post and also sorry for not giving more details about my apps.

Is this banner or interstitial ads? What geos is your traffic coming from?


Regarding geo, this would be top 5:

Mostly the splash and interstitial ads have very bad ecpm.
I would try a different network for sure.

Dude, if this is your eCPM from interstitials and full page ads, and if these are your main countries, you should switch to another ad network ASAP!

As a rule, running with one network is not enough. Run in paralel with 2-3 networks.
As another rule - Startapp and Airpush are doing very bad these days - try Appnext or Mobile core.

@calidonian In the second screenshot with title as “Regarding geo, this would be top 5:”, can u choose impressions and post the screenshot here. want to see your top geo impressions wise.

@awesomeapps - Here’s the impressions screenshot:

I am thinking of trying mobileCore. However I would like a more detailed experience from someone, if you want to of course. I understand that mobileCore & Appodeal & surely other companies are mediation networks, where me (with my Admob blocked account) can not join.

Therefore in order to chose the best option possible, I would need a lot more details. It’s not that I am not trusting just a simple recommandation, it’s just that details could ease the choise for me. Looking forward for other users to reply and the ones who did (whom I thank of course) maybe can give me more details from their experience.

Best regards!

Mobilecore is not a mediation network and has nothing to do with admob.

Mediation network to consider in your case is mopub or heyzap, or any other that doesn’t require admob. Through mopub you can use mobilecore and many other ad networks, but I would recommend heyzap because is the one in using.

Well in this case, firstly I would like to say sorry about understanding or better yet NOT understanding which network is a mediation one and which isn’t. As I’ve said before, I paid a dev to make the apps, I can’t even modify the ads if I will decide to switch to another network.

In other words, ernestofndz, can you share me some stats with your experience @ heyzap? It would help me a lot if you could give me some plain text of number of impressions per month, revenue, ecpm. Thanks in advance!

Honestly I think the only way is to try some Networks your self.
For example, I am also using StartApp and my Splash ads eCPM has never been lower than 1.2$ in almost 2 years. So I am not sure stats from different Apps could help you much choosing a Network.
MobileCore, HeyZap, MoPub, FAN, Avocarrot are the ones I would suggest to try based on my positive experience.

I agree to the fact that stats from other apps might not help me much. However I do consider them somehow rellevant. Yet mainly users saying “I use this network or networks, for 1 year and had a steady x.xx ecpm” would help better I think. I will still wait for some users to bring in their experiences.

I’ve decided! I will try Appnext’s Christmas promotion. See where that leads me.

However now I have a huge problem. I’m not a coder. :confused: Is anyone here willing to joing me on Skype for a conversation and afterwards “violate” my privacy through TeamViewer and help me implement Appnext ads (and remove StartApp ones)? I know it’s an easy task but I have never coded. Installed Eclipse a year ago, opened the version of my app back then yet… didn’t understand anything. And my coder will reply in about a week from now, which means that I will benefit only 60% of the promotion. So, anybody that has like 1 hour free this days, and willing to give me a hand?

Best regards!

I can do it… iamvinoth87 my skype