StartApp Reward Program Prizes

Have you reached any tier? What are your prizes?

I currently have reached 2 tiers and the rewards were prioritazed support and a 100 USD bonus on advertisers platform if I spend other 100 USD.


I used various type of add network(i.e appnext,airpush,mobilecare) .but startapp is best add network. It is easy to integrate .It also give opportunity to income more money.
You can earn upto 10,000$ and get 15$ dollar after 1k impression using referal program and also you get add revenue as regular basis .Believe me ,this is the best add network in market.
use below mentioned link to get refferal income opportunity.

Come on don’t spam

Stop this StartApp BS! StartApp has been long gone from their prime days. What you wrote maybe true a couple of years ago but not anymore! A lot has changed with StartApp especially their referral program which makes you close to impossible to get that $10,000 bonus (with 50million impressions needed) in 3 months. The only truth to what you said with referral program is MAYBE the $15 bonus after 1k impression but even that part may not even be applicable anymore.

StartApp is not even recommendable to use anymore since they underperform. I only use them since I know they pay and I’m too lazy to update my apps. I might replace them soon.

This is the true about StartApp! :thumbup: