StartApp revenue drop compare to previous months.

Hi guys,
i just compared my StartApp daily revenue with a day of last November. in November, i have got $45 for 3200 installs. but in this month it’s $25 for same number of installs. i know this could be vary depends on the country. but those statics are almost same in this month and the November. there is a little drop in US installs but i don’t think that makes a $20 difference. as some one says, we are getting a low revenue from other networks due to seasonal issues. but StartApp pays per install so this couldn’t vary. any ideas?

Maybe its because more people already have startapp installed by other apps now. They pay a lot less if startapp is already installed don’t they. The market is probably getting saturated.

yes that could be the reason. but StartApp needs to look for some alternative methods to give us more revenue, otherwise they will lose developers.

If you get their newsletter you would have seen that they have a new ad unit coming out soon. No info other than that though.

Check to see if they have changed your payment terms. I have recently noticed that I am now only paid 0.005 on international installs who already have StartApp installed. This has taken a big hit on my earnings.

How do you sign up for their newsletter?

It must have been a tick box upon initial Sign Up with them. I’m sure they can add you to the list if you contact support or something.

from where i can find the payment terms?


Since first of January they changed the costs per install, now is less… I’m thinking to remove startApp from my apps.


New user U.S $ 0.055
New user non U.S $ 0.01
Returning User U.S. $ 0.01
Returning User Non U.S. $ 0.005

Start app is a big revenue door for us but i think they have to add an other ad type. So we can earn a lot of as 2-3 months ago.

We love you Start APP.

Same for me. For the same download number, the earning dropped 80%. Contact startapp, they said on 9/23, startapp using the new rate to calculate the earning, even your apps still using the old SDK. I think it is time to stop using startapp. Lots of anti software detect startapp is a virus AD also.

What is the current rate? How much does it pay per install?

verry low
i think i will stop startapp tooo

Me too… In last 2 days for 20k downloads and 100k impressions about 75$ now… eCPM=0,33 … Searching for other network…

They pay something like 0,0001$ per install. I stopped using them. I don’t want to work for crumbs.