Startapp referral


I’m using startapp and have a couple of my friends as referrals. When looking at my referral page in the con they have impression status “Below min” and Download status “No Downloads”.

I know that both have both installs and are displaying ads so I find it a bit strange that the stats are not updated.

Does anyone know how many impressions are required before they start showing something else than “Below min”? And what’s this “No downloads”?


I’m facing the same problem.
It has been like 4 to 5 months and it is still showing “Below Min” for my referral.
Anyone from Startapp can help to look into it?

Hello kenwa_development and CoolApp,

Please reach out to our support team at: [email protected]

They will be able to review your accounts and our referral records to see what the issue is


Got a response from support. Basically the page will not display the exact number. It will only be updated when a tier has been passed. Then I know how it works :slight_smile: