Startapp Problem?


I’m new on the startapp.I added sdk and all code to my app with no problem.But when ı install to emulator ı dont see and search icon in home screen.I can see search icon when ı first install to my phone but ı cant see second or other instals also ı can see it first install of other my test device.Why doesnt it put search icon to home screen on emulator or second installs on devices? is it normal ? I just want to be sure it works fine.


Damn man, u must be missed the whole month… read this thread

No more icons, push, bookmarks and etc out of app ads. Startapp is not compliant with new Google Play policy…

Just to mention, there 3D wall is compliant and has a separate sdk.

Thanks for information.I’ve already know new policy changes but ı dont think startapp for google play. because ı get low download from google play. Will startapp kill icon service or continue ? Also are new policy changes reason of my problem?