StartApp Post Call is NOT compliant

It’s official - StartApp post call in NOT compliant, remove it ASAP if you haven’t done it yet
Email from StartApp

Same here.

Dear Valued StartApp Developer,

Over the past 24 hours, Google Play has updated their enforcement methods of their advertising policy.

After thoroughly reviewing the features of our different products, we have come to the conclusion that some of the current features of the Post Call Manager are not compliant with Google Play’s new enforcement methods. Until we release a new version of the Post Call Manager SDK, we strongly advise you to remove it using the attached Post Call Manager SDK removal process.

In addition, we have decided to double the current bonus for using both our Search Box SDK and In App Ads SDK from 25% to 50% of the Search Box pay-per-download rate.


Matthew Kaminsky

I’m personally having doubts about the Search Box too, will see i guess

yeah sure. i sent a msg to startapp about serach box sdk

please keep posted yours experience with StartApp.

I too integrated StartApp in my first android app for Exit Ads.

I do not know how to integrate StartApp for search box/PPD(though i want to do it).
So no comments.

LOL didn’t i tell you guys last week.

Is StartApp Exit Ads compliant with Google Policy?

It all depends on how fast the exit ad loads.
What you need to do with Exit Ads (from any network, not just StartApp) is to have the gesture (back key on device or exit button in your app/game) trigger the interstitial.
Once the interstitial is triggered you then need to still return to your app/game, but for a split second or so. Just make it seen that the app/game has not closed until the interstitial has been dismissed/interacted with.

You only risk getting banned if the ad is appearing once the app/game is clearly exited.

download the sdk with the search functionality, there’s a pdf doc which will guide you ,its easy and takes a minute.

Its funny how startapp keeps motivating developer to use non complaint solutions and risk apps, search box is up next…

I received the same message two days ago. The interesting thing is that my apps are using only Admob. I integrated Startapp in my apps but removed them later when I realized I wasn’t earning that much. So I didn’t know what the problem was until Startapp emailed me. I then scanned my apps using ad-on detectors, checked my “libs” folder, manifest, tried the PostCall Manager removal process sent to me by startapp but found no Startapp sdk. Then I checked the “bin/dexedlibs” and lo and behold…there lied the mighty startapp sdks staring at me. I cleaned my project and saw no more of startapp in my project. Hopefully, I hope my apps/account won’t be suspended once I update my apps.

How is MOBARIO for PPD?
Or any other good PPD?
Looks like StartApp need some more time to get “Search SDK” Google Compliant