StartApp paymet problem


Startapp payment tab doesnt open since they annoced the new payment system. It’s getting error like that:

****Try reloading the page as it may have timed out.

If that does not help, please contact support and mention ref “err=5&”****

I hope Startapp won’t be a scam network. But it seems… They dont answer my tickets and i hope they aren’t making fun of me/us.

Weird, it’s working for me. :confused:

It isn’t working for our 2 account. But one works.

Hi Winkan,

This is Ariel from StartApp, i’m sorry about this bug in the new system.

Please send an email directly to me - [email protected] and i will handle this case myself.

Apologies again, there are always bugs popping up when a new system is implemented.


I sent an e-mail.

Startapp solved the problem. I think they are the best company…

Thank you.

You shouldn’t be so quick to label them as “a scam network”. Don’t forget they’ve been up and running for well over a year.

It’s good to see they are pro-active in support though.

Also I haven’t had any problems with their new payment system, so hopefully things are transitioning smoothly.

Can i buy google play account through AXIS BANK DEBIT CARD in INDIA ?

Yes you very well can.

OK thanks i will try it…you are from baroda…m from anand:)

@startapp, Hello Ariel,

I wanted to ask, is there anyway, that you use one ID to differentiate an app together with developer ID? Like admob, appnext does. So that someone cannot understand, that two apps belong to one person. Thanks in advance

(precisely, now we have to write developer id and app id to initialize the sdk, where within 2 apps we will have same developer id)