Startapp payments

Is there any plans to start giving weekly payments from startapp ?

I think no, because they monthly bonus system work for all you montly volume. They pay on time every time ( to paypal )

Really, they’re not Admob to pay on Net30 basis, they still compete with all the regular new & old ad networks, accepting all kind of traffic. Actually even Admob pays with ~5 days faster than Startapp does. Still can’t understand how their marketing department works if they can’t create some conditions to pay on a weekly basis.

The only reason I keep them in some of my apps are their banners, although they give horrible eCPM but still better than nothing(or Airpush). Their interstitial didn’t worked for me, less than $1 eCPM, meanwhile Appnext(especially) and mobileCore gives a much higher eCPM, fast dashboard updates and flexible payouts.

But hey, when you’re that big as Startapp why would you listen to people’s opinions? )) Anyways, the competition is growing from day to day and it’s just a matter of time seeing companies like this either going down either meeting the developers half-way.

well I guess the best thing for us that there is so much competition we will have daily payment someday soon …

It would definitely give them a boost in this saturated ad network industry. :wink: