StartApp Nov Payment

Hello Friends,

Any body got the payment from StartApp for this month. I mean for the November. Atleast payment email, saying that your payment has been processed ? . Please tell me whether you have received or not.


They are late because of Thanksgiving holydays.
They will pay soon, don’t worry :slight_smile:

Just got mine through

Same here, 30 mins ago or so

Hey everyone,

As ArmaX86 mentioned, payments are a bit delayed this month because of the Thanksgiving holiday in the US. You should be receiving payment emails over the next few days!

If you don’t see anything by the end of the week, please PM me or email our support team so we can look into it.

Thank you for your patience!


We are waiting for christmas promotion from Startapp similaire to appnext etc. ! :slight_smile:

Keep an eye on your email inboxes over the next few days :slight_smile:

Got the payment :slight_smile:

Im also experiencing problems, but not with the october payout. When i did not got paid for september i contacted support and was told there was an issue with the payment system and promised a payout for september and october together.

However come december 1st i only received the payment for october. There is still an error in the console sandwiched between two completed transactions. No answer from support regarding arrears for september (ticket id 36617).

There were repeated assurances that i would get paid, but now theres been an issue with two out of three transactions.

I like startapp, your ads fit well into my inventory and internal mediation. These payout issues however make me apprehensive…

Please see if there is something you can do.

Hello fahrbot,

Thank you for letting me know.

I’ll send you a PM so we can look into this further.


I have not received a payment of October from startApp

i not receive payment last month noww, it pending???

Hey everyone,

If you are having issues with your payment, please open a support ticket by emailing [email protected], and our team will review the issues with our payment providers

PM me with any questions


can you check it for me? my Account ID: 104658143 ???

it is a long time since end of month :(((

Hello Vansulich,

If you email [email protected], they will be able to look up your payment and see if there are any issues.