Startapp not working!!

I integrated startapp a week ago in one of my apps.The exit ads and search box are showing and are working fine but the problem is that my app’s revenue is decreased and the ecpm is stuck on $0.00.Five days ago when i integrated the sdk and got some installs my revenue went to $0.01 and after having some more installs next day it went to $0.03 and then the next day it came back to $0.01 and now it is stuck on $0.02.My app is not yet available on GP but it is available on Amazon app store and gets around 4-8 downloads per day.
I know the number of downloads is very low but as startapp has promised they pay per download and my revenue is stuck and even if i am not generating that many impressions the ecpm should change.
I have also integrated revmob banner ads in the same app and it is giving me $1.47 ecpm.

Man, 4-8 downloads is like nothing. Make at least 100-200 to notice some reasonable impression number.

Why i am not getting paid per download?.

Check your permissions list in manifest.
Do you have this: AndroidSDKProvider.initSDK(this);
Is the package name correctly put inside StartApp dashboard?
Do you have DEV_ID and APP_ID in the proper place in your manifest file?

Yes i have everything setup correctly it is counting the implressions and also downloads but giving 0 ecpm and revenue

Like I0OoIolIlO said, you must get more download to see your ads traffic. Try to get your app more download first then you can choose or test your app with ads network that suit with your app and give you best revenue. Good luck :d

me too. Same problem :frowning:

new my application has 2k download and in dashboard of startapp, download is 0 but still has impressions . I don’t know why download are 0.

in the startapp dashboard said
"To all Developers - Downloads are not yet available for November 6, 2013. The statistics will be shown shortly. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding. "

what type of ads on startapp do you use? if you don’t integrated out-of-ads the download column will be 0

Hey Everybody,

First a quick clarification - If you have integrated the InApp ads only, the download number should stay at 0, as we are not counting downloads for that product, only impressions should appear. Those are also not downloads you generate for advertised apps.

Second, we have one of the best support teams around, your first point of contact for these sort of issues (technical, money, reports, bugs etc.) should be [email protected]. It’s good you are sharing experiences with fellow developers (good AND bad. I prefer good… :)) but please remember to contact our support to resolve these issues.


First, I want tell you I use in app SDK and search SDK, old application are OK but new application are download 0 but still impression. Why? when I send email for support startapp. They tell me that " The statistics will be available shortly. We apologize for the inconvenience. As soon as the statistics are available on the portal, I will send you a message and mark the tickets as solved. Thank you for your understanding. ". But I was say all my application is ok , only 2 new application download are 0 but still impression. Do you understand?

Hello ,

Please im facing the same problem with the new Unity SDK , i have my application on google play and i followed the pdf instructions to integrate the StartApp In-App SDK Integration for Unity … on my dashbord i can see the impressions but im getting 0 downloads !!!

can any one tell me what’s the problem ?