StartApp new SDK - main thread

StartApp published new SDK. Let’s share our experience in following days.

What’s new:

  • Added “slider” ad model
  • Increased the referrals revenues.
  • Added SDK Converter.
  • Added Post Call Manager (beta)

Also they have implemented the Post Call Manager, similar to Pinjam model… pricing for the out-app is quite disappointing…

Post Call Manager
8$ / 1000 downloads U.S (0.008$/download)
0.8$ / 1000 downloads non U.S (0.0008/download)

Slider :
8$ / 1000 downloads U.S (0.008$/download)
1.2$ / 1000 downloads non U.S (0.0012$ / download)

Personally, I will wait till implement new Out-app solution, but I think that Mobario or Pinjam are better than StartApp.

Regarding the Slider seems very good deal… I have implemented the Slider of MobileCore and I never pass the 5$ and with the new StartApp Slider I have more than 5$ guaranteed…

now i can update it.
but where is airpush? --"

What is this post call manager ??

OMG but the revenue is really little T,T

Somebody from Startapp has to explain us what is the ‘Post Call Manager’

They offer monetization by browser home page. 10$ per 1000 downloads from USA
Appwiz offers 75$ for the same number of downloads. Startapp is probably more
established/reliable but still the difference is huge.

Let’s look at it again. Someone has 5000 downloads daily let’s say 1000 of those are from USA
he will make 10$ from USA and 6$ from the rest of the world. 16$ total
Is it worth it, to present users with EULA, extra permissions (?), extra risk from Google etc to make 16$?

$16 a month is really SMALL!!! T,T

my apps not generate big download to begin with, so this revenue is really a BIG problem T,T

In short, what you earnt with the new StartApp will be 60~80% lesser than what you should get.

Old StartApp 1000 downloads = $10~50
New StartApp 1000 downloads = $2~20 (Full Integration)

oh, new StartApp is not good as old StartApp
sound bad :frowning:

What about the updates ? if i have 500k active users and they got the update with the new startapp sdks do they consider them downloads or what ?

You get a better rate if you integrate in-app and out-of-app in same app, but there is no mention of what the rates are…

Hey All,

Jumping in here to clear up some things and answer questions.

First, and probably the most important thing - Your bottom line of revenue. We’ve done a couple of things to try and get that number as close to the old one (it won’t be, you will earn less than before) -

First, we completely removed the new and returning. Without this, you will see a flat rate for ALL users and a higher avg. number than what we paid for returning. We are paying for each user accepting the EULA. Not active users, not monthly active, or ones that only use the search. You know the deal - each user you get paid.

Second, the bonus PPD if you integrate our in-app. It’s totally doable to reach the mark of the bonus, and although not a must, this will bump your PPD by an extra 25%.

So, all in all, end of the day, you can still expect a good stream of stable revenue.

Now, the post call manager - This is a really cool product, also in our PPD model. It’s an actual tool (not an ad only) that helps the user complete popular actions after a call. Simple as that. It’s super useful, but if the user doesn’t like it he can remove it with a click.

We’ve tested this in the wild for the past couple of months, generated close to 5 million downloads on this.

Keep those questions coming, let’s try and keep it organized on one thread to not spam this forum.


the bonus is 25%

Even with the total downloads counted, its way less. I guess only their in-app slider is worth a deal. However wondering, if it ads slider to all the apps or only our app.

Does it require EULA?

appsg - the Search Box is an SDK integration to your app, so the addition is in your app only.

It does require a EULA, as it has the browser homepage change.


Thanks Ariel. I think that’s your best product in the new SDK. Worth it since its only in-app and less annoying. However, your rates are really disappointing.

okay then, i’m so excited now that starapp have many ads type :smiley:
and now you have interestial and banner too, nice :smiley:
but for my app, i can’t use banner for sure. but other ads type is awesome :smiley:

i already integrated it to my apps, it looks fast and cool! :smiley: :smiley:

i hope with this “IN APP” only, user won’t get stupidly mad.

and how about your research with Antivirus?
is the antivirus still stupid??

Well, those rates are extremely disappointing. Given that AppWiz has maintained their PPD rates with just the search homepage, I was expecting StartApp to come up with something significantly better than this.

I done the math for all types of users, and the only segment that has seen an increase is revenue is Returning US Users, where payouts have increased by 60% (mostly because StartApp threw away the concept of returning users and now pays max amount every time). Every other segment has seen a drop in revenue of 60-80%, even with the bonus.

If your apps target mainly US users, I would say you’ll be alright with StartApp. Otherwise, I’m not even sure if revenue this low justifies additional permissions and an EULA screen.

Hey All,

Please don’t compare old PPD’s to new PPD’s and make your conclusions that way.

You need to test and see the actual results, as new/returning was a big factor in your RPMD.

I’ll point out again, the results you will see will be lower than before, as the changes introduced are to the core of our original offer. But you should still see a good revenue stream which is stable, continuous and with no surprises.

Plus, you know you’re working with a reliable, pro-developer company. That’s what got us to 1,000,000,000 SDK downloads and that’s what’ll get us to the next billion!

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