(StartApp & Mobario) My top app was suspended for "System Interference".

Hello everyone, before several days ago one of my top apps was suspended from Google Play Store for “System Interference provision”. In this application I was used ads from StartApp (interestitial ad when press the HOME or BACK buttons + In-App Search, NO PostCall or other type of ads) and Mobario’s on-top widget (pay-per-download). The result is suspended app, account in risk and a lots of financial problems. Before posting here, I was waiting both sides to make an investigation and to tell me where is the problem. Of course, both sides are blame each other and claims to be fully compliant with the new privacy and policy, but obviously they are not. Thank you.

Mobario causes system interference suspension

Or maybe both? …

you should have stayed in-app only. startapp home button ad and back button ad on Main activity can raise concerns for google.
startapp’s back button ad is to be used when you are coming back from some other activity to main activity and not when user exits app using back button.

Hi @Makaveli,

Thank you for sharing your valuable information. The information you share here today goes to further strengthen my investigation and results that I plan to share on the forum tomorrow!!!
Without giving away all my results, I can definitely relax you partially.

The past 2-3 weeks, many developers (as you can read on the forum) were banned/suspended due to a few GREEDY Ad Networks.

(Just to point out 2 Threads)

What is even more curious and “proof of guilt” by StartApp is that in the past few days they suddenly removed from their website the option for “Exit Ads” (in some fashions) and Post Caller". (See screenshots)

Additionally, it seems that their own developers are also complaining about it.

I hope this information has helped you to figure out who the culprit of this mess is :slight_smile:

Always here for you all,

Android Investigator

Hi @Makaveli,

Thank you for letting us know via the forum. Not sure who you are and we have not gotten any reports from any developers of any suspensions or bans. Could you please state your Developer ID so I can look into this matter?


I’m using your SDK. And your SDK only for test And i got suspended my app from Google.
Other of my app is good still.

Hi @zeroeast,

Very interesting. Never got any email or Skype from you either! And could you share with us your Developer ID?
How long did you have our SDK in your “test” app?! 1 min? Maybe an hour? A week?!
Please share with some more information. I’m sure that we are all very interested in hearing about this new revelation!

And how surprising is it, that after my last post suddenly “certain developers” “Wake Up”!!! (See below)


I was update my app in GP about 20/11.I got some bad review from user they talk about “arrow on conner”.
Then i Got email from GP on 26/11 my app is suspended.
I didn’t send your email because that’s my app i was try that’s not popular app and my Developer ID didn’t get banned.
I’m already talked with android investigator to find the true.
That’s app i was try is just very simple app and no special function.
I didn’t blame you like “It’s your fail”,But need to find the true,It’s what’s happen?
It’s maybe you do everything on guideline to complaint with google play policy,But Google need to get rid all of out-app Ads.
I’m no idea it’s what’s happened and need to know what’s safe solution for it.


Ok. Still, what developer ID and application ID did you get from the Mobario platform?

I already told you via chat box in mobario.

Hello, please stop claims that no one is contacting you for suspended app or account, because that it’s not true! I was exchanged several emails with your support. I keep all the conversations, if you wish I can post screenshots here, no problem for me. Also I have Skype chat with your support and they told me about this forum to go here and to check that the problems comes from StartApp. I didn’t know about existing of this forum before. Screenshots are available too. I’m not blaming no one! Just my app was suspended and no one want to get responsibility. So I decide to share this information here and to resolve the problem by my self. Thank you.