startapp low my PPD,any else way to monetize seach tool?

startapp low my PPD to half of the original,they told me my app didn’t reach average search performance,my app is a search tool,have any else way to monetize seach tool? my app almost reach 1million downloads.

I came across this by accident when I was reading admob’s help files. I am not interested because i don’t have a search tool, and I did not try it. But I would give it a try if I were you.

This guide is provided for Apps developers who want to enhance monetization on their apps’ search results pages. With this service, apps can target ads based on users’ search queries, access Google’s AdWords inventory, and help users find what they’re looking for.

thank lmaosoft,anyone know any good appwall that can work on kindle fire(kindle fire can not install google play)?i noticed RevMob has Amazon App Store sdks,how about RevMob?