StartApp low eCPM

I started publishing apps in May 2015 and I actually have about 10 apps in the store and which constantly generating 1100 impressions per week which is nice to have and increasing atm.

In all apps I only use StartApp banners and full screen ads but I am only geting 0.25$ eCPM, no matter if I view the banners or the full screen ads, both rates are the same. What’s up with this network? It used to be great a few months ago. When I only had 100 impressions per week, I got about 2-3$ eCPM.

I am really disappointed.

Having 1100 impressions per week is not good. Try to increase your downloads which in turn will increase your impressions.

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I really have no problem with my impressions, I just don’t like the eCPM.

Give it time I am in Same boat with you same time frame made a new Gplay account couple weeks ago getting around 35-40 cent ecpm rates then yesterday I spiked and had $4.55 eCPM rates.

StartApp send me a mail for telling me the reason of low ecpm. They say that if my app is used in countries with a low ecpm, although I can raise 15000 impressions by day, my ecpm will be low. I must to publify my app on countries like USA with a higher ecpm.