StartApp low earnings after the maintenance?

In my account, last 3 days were 0 earnings as they were doing some maintenance. today i got an email from StartApp by saying that the maintenance was complete. so i logged into my account and my last 3 days earnings are 20% lower than usual. just want to know if it’s only for me!


For me, number of installs are almost the same of the days before maintenance and had no earnings drop.

my earning lower than usual too, but in the dashboard they said

Due to the updates that were made, you may see a slight variation in the statistics. You may see an adjustment in your download levels until June 19th.

so let’s see what happen then

I also have the same downloads but a 20-30% lower revenue… the same shit as everywhere. Time to remove ads from my game and make a demo/full monetization.

Guys come on…
They have stated clearly on the site and on the e-mail that numbers will be slightly inaccurate until 19th June.

Ok I see it now, but that statement wasn’t there before

yap, that’s why i opened this thread

I also had 120 usd yesterday and today i had only 100 usd revenue.

Now im all the way down to 97 usd?!?!?

Mine isn’t dropping, but yesterday’ stats are all showing 0. Everything should be back to normal after the weekend.

Ok nice i hope so

Hi All,

I hope everyone is doing great.

I just wanted to jump in and let everyone know that there may still be some ups and downs in the numbers, which are caused due to data being entered “late” into the system. So if you see a number drop in a certain day from the past few days, the next day should show a “compensation” of that drop as the data missing from the day before is accumulated to the following days.

Still, natural with this big maintenance, there may be some issues arising. We are doing our best to minimize them as much as we can.

If anyone has a specific issue with his account or numbers, don’t hesitate and open a support ticket/email our support ([email protected]).

Thanks for bearing with us everyone, we appreciate the patience!


Hello the right top corner earnings this mobth says 150 but i have 110 usd.???