StartApp is crappy and here is why...

Startapp is resolving my issue now…

I will be surprised such a big network is not paying, have you ever talked to their support

It seems more like an error in their platform, which doesn’t add up pending amounts. Tried contacting them?

Contact their support. Ive always been paid in the situation you describe (with older accounts that bring in 20-50 dollars a month). There must be some problem with your account. $185 is nothing, Ive probably been paid over 20k from startapp in total. 7k in some months. The only thing I am a little bit worried about is their new emphasis on iOS, I hope android doesnt get forgotten and ecpm drop heavily

that’s the problem with these networks that do not have a weekly payment model. I think weekly payment should be a MUST these days.

Contact Support. There is some problem or Bug. They will solve this immediately as I know startApp. They pay every penny you earn. So don’t worry and tell them your issue.

startapp is well trusted by myself too

we eomobi is weekly payment, the min payment is just $50dollar

You must earn more than $50 in the a month and whenever it happens, you will get all of the previous months that you earn less than the min payment with it, that’s what happened to me before

I use eomobi already.

Startapp Contacted me and they are resolving the Issue, I think I am owed $90 which is no biggie but you expect to be paid if the min threshold is only $50, $90 can buy me lunch for a week. Once I get paid I will try them out again as I just got a new google play account finally. If you guys have trouble getting new accounts then register a business then get a credit card in your business name then register an account that way thats how I got a new google play account.

with me startApp still in good smooth

we transfer the payment timely .

each Friday we transfer the payment

just wait for the money