StartApp - iOS Beta Invitation

Good people of MMWA,

I know this is the Android forum, BUT, i’m sure some of you guys have been developing apps for iOS as well.

So, I am inviting new and existing developers to join our iOS Beta!

Our SDK is super polished and features a few amazing new ad units, never before seen on iOS (or Android).

We offer a minimum guaranteed eCPM throughout the beta AND bonuses throughout.

Please reach out to me personally for more information - [email protected]

And please someone open a MMWi forum!


Startapp is better if you use for US and tear 1 countries, but it’s very BAD for Asia example Korea, China, Arab,… eCPM is very low recently (~0.46$) and it’s seem they still can not make it better.

What do you suggest for Asia, except of course admob ?

Appnext maybe, recently appnext is better than startapp