Startapp february joke

For publishers looking to monetize their app, you should know:

  1. What is your value proposition? Do you have a lot of users that play the game for a short time, or a few users that play the game for a long time?
  2. Where are you willing to have ads in your app? Whether it’s in-game, as an engage-to-earn option, etc., knowing this will help you choose a good ad network that can cater to your ad placement choice.
  3. Select an ad network and cost model. The majority of mobile ad networks specialize in interstitial pop-ups, while others offer a variety of ad products (engage-to-earn, videos, rich media, etc.) In addition, ads are priced through a variety of models, and you want to choose the cost model that most fits with your business model. If you have a lot of users who aren’t paying (if you have a freemium app), you might want to utilize a CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) model. If you have users that are extremely engaged with your app and really into your genre of app (e.g. racing games), you might utilize a CPI (cost per install) model.

Below are some Ads Network I’ve worked with.

  1. Admob(‎) easy to get your feed wet, easy to do. After familiar with this platform, you can be more comfortable to try other Networks to optimise your revenues.
  2. Mobvista. (Mobvista - Publish SignUp), Full Screen ads and Overlay are highly recommended, high eCPM can be assured most of the time.
  3. Startapp(StartApp - Developer Register), 3D ads are wonderful, seems more engaging than others.

This is all true. But it doesn’t account for ad networks going downhill. Its the one thing you can never account for. I mean it took forever to place my apps and set the advertising just right to raise my ecmp. My numbers are all still holding strong for what i can do (impressions and clicks). But startapp is having issues in 2014. Its not by chance or by gaming/cheating the system that i got my ecpm up to about $11. It was from research, feedback and trial/error.