Startapp february joke

Just received an email from startapp with 50% revenue bonus above a per-decided target. Only 8 days left in February and they want to send more traffic to them by updating your apps and then they take the advantage of that because many developers won’t fall back to other ad networks (time/effort constraint).

Going by the current average earning of mine, I will get $10 bonus from them.

isn’t it a joke!!

I think its a good approach overall. If you have significant traffic with them you could bump things up and get a good sized reward for doing so.
StartApp do well in many countries, so its not like you’d be getting a bad deal thereafter, unless you fill-rates don’t add up with them for whatever reason.

You should be glad that they go so far as to set individual targets per developer, instead of flat rate bonuses that many developers can’t reach in time like other networks tend to do a lot.

The point is that it ought to be announced at the beginning of month and not towards the end of month. The timing has ruined the bonus declaration.

Could you post this email here? I didn’t get it till now:(

I’ve been using startapp for a long time and that’s the first occurrence they dropped the ball - either do it right or don’t do it at all. plus the “goal” they set for me is so unrealistic it’s a waste of time to even register for this.

OK, just got it.

Based on your current performance we have set a personal target for you. if your In-App earnings during February will exceed $7,000 you will get +50% bonus on all earnings above your target.

i think the real joke is how far my startapp earnings bounce from day to day with the same traffic (within 2%). One day $30 on a few apps the next $0.72. Seriously it happened in feb and jan multiple times.

I just clicked that opt-in button and taken to a page with browser title “SDK 2.2 Update - $25 Promotion Registration”.
So anyone will get maximum $25 in any case. Its very calculated move to promote the new SDK.

They are trying to squeeze the lemon juice out of Q1, i get it…

the $25 promotion was emailed a week or two earlier ($25 reward if we update sdk to new version)… this seems to be a different promotion, aiming to get a bigger % of our traffic, in case we have it but send elsewhere :slight_smile:

Same thing I was telling toxic in another app. Some of these networks pay rates vary way to much!

Startapp is really horrible these days. They were only good during the holiday period and then their eCPM went down like crazy. A new app of mine has 5000 impressions and 0 eCPM, WTF? Most of the traffic is from non-english countries so i believe their inventory in these countries is either horrible or no one is interested in their crappy apps they are promoting.

Either way, I think i wont bother with startapp in future.

Same here, really weird. Reporting bug? Aarning $1 a day and $10 the next day with a variation of 5% in my impressions doesn’t make any sense.

for me it’s a good deal. im going to receive about $500 as a bonus. however startapp ecpm is quite low these days.

agree with androiddev.

i think it’s a pretty good deal too. can’t say no to an extra couple of dollars :slight_smile:

unfortunately it wont replace the lost earnings from the low eCPM that i get on my most profitable apps :frowning:
in the last moth it went from 2$-3$ to 0.7$

Is appnext better than startapp guys? Anyone can confirm this?

Exactly! Every promotion is GOOD! :slight_smile: I will also earn some extra dollars:)

i have started using AppNext a week ago, it looks promising so far…
i’m getting higher eCPM than StartApp on some apps.

well I also will get some good extra money so I think startapp is better than any other network . At least their support is awesome and fast.

I have no idea if their system is working correctly or not. Its been a steady march toward absolute zero for the last almost 2 months. My impressions has actually gone up nearly 30% when i run a report for 2014. But my earnings keep going down. It was like a light switch in january where it just dropped big time. so i know its not the apps its the ads from the network.

I mean hell i was pressing up into the high $11 ecpm til december. Now i am down to $0.52 ecpm. Downloads still going up per day in total, 42% to 46% uninstall rate over 90 days. Some apps have 500k active downloads.

I just don’t get it…