Startapp exit ads low ecpm

my exit ads ecpm is dropping every day since last week. today it was $.18 for a high impressions app and $0.30 for a low impressions app. is anyone experiencing this?

yes me too…I mean its dropping…but I am still getting $1.5+…well I used to get $3 eCPM from them…

Same here :frowning:

I am getting around less than $1 eCPM since day one until today. RPMD is $10

I’m a little bit upset with the low ecpm recently :frowning:

Dont say that please :frowning: . I just upgraded my apps with new sdk . After 23 Sept my revenue dropped 1/5 and i hope i can get 1/3 with new sdk . After this post i am losing my faith

Hi all,

Is it okay to implement ads on exit (using home key) ? does google had any policy related to this ?


App can’t handle press home button . You can read android reference . Maybe they are handle back button or activity state

Same with me, Very low ecpm

Same with me too… 0.17

After changing SDK from Icon ad to exit ad due to google policy, the revenue is ridiculously low comparing to an icon ad.