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Startapp exit ads and Admob


I want to ask a question.

i want to integrate startapp EXIT ADS into my admob apps.

is it possible?

is this against adsense or goggle play policies?

if anybody uses this strategy can you help me?

thanks in advance.

Of course you can.

exit ads are not allowed on google play, your app might get banned!

That’s not true at all.
Interstitial ads may only be displayed inside of the app they came with.
they have removed apps because of this, there were a lot of people complaining about this (app removal), you can google yourself or you can be in denial and say yourself “that is not true at all” three times and all of your concerns will be gone :slight_smile:

Exit ads are obviously not “ads outside the app”. No one is talking about putting ads outside the app here. That policy was brought about a long time ago.
@aa2035 is asking about using StartApp exit ads. These are fine to use as long as they are being presented before the app exits.

Exit ads are only disallowed by Admob, IF you are overriding the back button when trying to exit the app.

So @dirhem please don’t dislike people’s posts just because you didn’t read the question properly. This community is here so that we can help each other.