StartApp eCPM confusion

I recently signed up with StartApp and am a bit confused over the statistics.

The day before yesterday, I had an eCPM of $8.85 ($4.49 revenue for 507 impressions) but for yesterday it shows an eCPM of $0.01 ($0.01 revenue for 818 impressions). I am not sure why such a discrepancy between the two days.

This is with app exit Interstitials.

Any StartApp pros with some knowledge would be great. I am not complaining, I am just wanting to understand how things work a little better.


Wait until you reach 20.000, maybe 50.000 impressions. eCPMs should be always considered over time, as an average for a higher number of impressions than you had (500).

don’t try to figure out what startapp is doing right now. With impressions doing nothing but going up i am seeing wild swings of ecpm and revenue. This is with a history on apps of not doing this.

One day revenue for an app its over $10 the next is $0.07 with more impressions. Their network is completely jacked right now and has very few decent paying ads and they are flooded with ones that pay literally shit.

They don’t report to you how many clicks you have gotten so you have to take their word for the validity of their wild swings. The less data they give the easier it is for them to skim.

The worst part is the admob ads in the exact same apps have held steady and not done any of this crap. So the only weak link is startapp.

Thanks for the info. If they don’t smarten up, I may switch over to MobileCore or something else next week.

Hey Vorbitz,

Good to have you on board.

Like Armando said, it’s hard to determine results with low numbers of impressions. Why? Since this industry is revolving around installs, and pays for installs. So this means that you won’t be getting paid when someone sees a banner in your app, or clicks on a banner in your app, only when he installs the app that was advertised.

(While there are some click based campaigns, they are far from being the standard)

So, if you have an app with 500 impressions a day, there is a chance that during a specific day 50 people will click on it and out of them 4 people will install an app. And you’ve earned $6, that’s a whopping $12 eCPM!

But, a day passes, and basically the same number of users created 500 impressions again. Now only 5 people clicked the ads. Out of them, 0 people installs the app. You’ve earned $0 and $0 eCPM.

You must expect these anomalies and huge spikes in eCPM when dealing with small impression counts. It’s a part of the biz.

If you would have told me that you have 100K impressions per day and one day you had $5 eCPM and the next day $0.2, then it is likely there’s an issue here.

Hope this made some sense.

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