Startapp ecpm - %65 drop !!!

Until today, my ecpm avg. was 0.75$. But today it is 0.35 $… What is happening ? (My app gets same install, nothing has changed)

What about you guys ?

me too unfortunately

Past couple weeks StartApp eCPM has dropped big time for me. Don’t run much traffic directly through them though.

Startapp is having bad days. I do not think about good things about them. I’m thinking of using Facebook audience.

My ecpm was 0.33$ yesterday. Today it is 0.35$. Startapp is dead…

Unfortunately StartApp has been wrong and has neglected the developers.

Rest in peace.


Hello dear developers,

StartApp is constantly working on improving our performance. We do our best to satisfy our users’ needs and performance.

Please contact our support team directly at [email protected] and we will be sure to advise with tips to improve eCPMs.



startapp is scam! Banning acount !


According to our T&Cs which you had agreed to by registering to our portal, “This agreement may be terminated by any party, with or without a reason… StartApp reserves the right to terminate this agreement and suspend Service to any Publisher immediately in the case where Publisher breached this Agreement.”

We had recognized that you had breached our conditions, hence we are not obligated to provide you with the evidence we have nor any further information.



Do Anybody same me? I’ve just create account in first of this month

When only a developer complains, it is possible that the problem is the developer.
When many developers complain, obviously the problem is of StartApp.

StartAppShir, please stop treating us like idiots and admit that you are doing something wrong globally. It really sounds very bad that you try to solve one by one which is a problem for everyone, the only thing you will get is to lose the trust of the developers in StartApp

Thank you.

You are totally right! They are just stealing developer’s money when they want. They don’t even have to give you a proof of violating ToS. Their support is not helping anyone. They are replying after 3-4 days with prepared formulas. No support at all when your account is blocked. STARTAPP IS SCAM! DO NOT USE STARTAPP!

Of course @StartAppShir - come here, check what we think about you and your company. And BTW - yesterday you had time to write sth here, but you didn’t have time to write me back in support ticket… Great support, really!


As I mentioned, we will be glad to review each case individually via support tickets.

We can be contacted directly at [email protected]


@StartAppShir is a liar! Their company is bullshit! Firstly they said to me that my account was banned because one app does not have url link (although it was correctly added). Then they said to me that my app shows ads out of app. Which is not true. My app is a tool which detects connected devices and when it’s done - it opens the main activity. User clearly knows that this is a part of functionality. And @StartAppShir said that it violates their rules. I think it’s just a purpose to grab my over 2k$ of payment for last month.


They don’t want to pay me for other apps at all.

change to applovin. This is good
Goodbye startapp

Really any other company is better than StartApp now … do not waste the time in asking to the support … it is nefarious.

RIP StartApp :frowning: