StartApp Easter Egg bonus not credited

Hello, I signed up for Easter Egg bonus, I reached more than 800 USD in April, but I can’t see 100 USD bonus in “My Payments” Earnings tab. I have contacted support more than 36 hours ago but still not reply.

Did you received the bonus?

I think startapp is dead now.
Their ecpm fall in may from 0.15$ to 0.04$. May I know your ecpm ??
And their support also sucks. I have an unsolved ticket from 17 days and they are still not responding.
May I know any direct link to contact them ?? If you know.

1.11$ ecpm

startapp haven’t one ecpm for all apps, they have ecpm levels:
-best ecpm for high quality games
-average ecpm for apps
-crap ecpm for apps like game guides, pranks, etc.

they are categorizing your apps

I sent the ticket more than 10 days ago and still no replies and no bonus… this sucks…

Hello bradeliade,

I apologize for the delay in our response. The forum seemed to be down for a few days.

The bonuses for the Easter promotion are still being calculated. As mentioned in the promotion’s T&C’s, all eligible bonuses will be added to your April earnings and will be paid on the June payment cycle if meet the payment requirements.

We truly apologize for your inconvenience and long wait for our support’s response. Our dedicated support team is doing all possible in order to reach and solve all of your requests.

Feel free to message me your support ticket number and I will message you directly.

Thanks for your reply, I finally received a clear reply also from support team. :slight_smile:

Hi StartAppShir:

Do you have any answer to explain the ridiculous ECPM of the last weeks on the part of StartApp?

More impressions… more clicks… same ADS = minus revenue

Really deceptive :frowning:

After a week there is no response … they are obviously stealing us.
It’s time for changes … goodbye StartApp :frowning:

Hello xipxap,

The forum seems to be down every couple of days so it is hard for us to reply on time.

We will be glad to investigate your account and take a deep look at your performance once you open a support ticket.

Feel free to message me your support ticket number.



Startapp is dead, it is just a matter of time until they shut down locking all devs out of their accounts. I’d stay away from it.

In my app Startapp one of the best network with the highest CTR. Maybe the reason that I use it through mediation platform. I like their creative ads. My eCPM 0.89$


Thanks for your answer, better late than never. It is not a question of solving “my problem”, it is that from May to June the reversals of StartApp have been progressively decreasing and are now over 50% compared to the month of May, and this is not a particular appreciation, if not Which is happening to many developers who are working with StartApp. You simply have to read this and other main developer forums.

I do not know what is happening with StartApp, for me it has always been a reliable company and I was comfortable working with them, but if this continues, unfortunately we will have to make a decision and look for an alternative.

Greetings and I hope you can solve your problems. :slight_smile: