StartApp Easter Bonus (April)

Hi, has anyone received the bonus accumulated from April this month - the easter bonus was initially only for March but they ran it through April also.

Startapp never pays bonuses so dont fall for them it is just a trick they still owe me my bonus from Christmas for doubling my ad revenue never got it.

How much was your christmas bonus because I got all my bonuses and everything on time always. I was just asking if anyone got it.

I was supposed to get like $200 for doubling my revenue from like $500 to $1000, My wife was supposed to get $75 for increasing her revenue an extra $150 and none of us got our bonuses. But they keep sending me these gimmicky gifts in the mail like mini Foosball table and then they sent me a backpack that says startapp on it.

If you read their terms and conditions for the Promotions sometimes it says it could be money or gifts something like that. They can’t lie to you if it says it in their ToC otherwise they will run out of business.

same here!

Did you get payout in this month? i still didnt get it

yep, no payment yet, hopefully startapp wont become scam or anything, i had hundreds app using their SDK, it will be pain in the ass to update all of them

Well I doubt they will scam people because it will be bad for them. They make a lot of money from the developers if they lose them they wont be making any. Anyone got payment yet?

Hello everyone,

You should begin to see bonuses and payments by tomorrow! There was a slight delay with the Memorial Day holiday in the US, but we thank you for your patience :slight_smile:

If you don’t receive a payment email by the end of the week, or if you have any questions about your account, reach out to support and they can check your accounts individually.


I got the payments now lets hope all the bonuses come in soon as well.

Guys can anyone tell me if they got their bonus for april added to their june revenue yet?

Bonus still not added nobody answering from support…

still waiting !!!

I also didn’t get it. Support responded:

Thank you for contacting us with your question about your Easter bonus.

We are examining the issue. I will contact you back once we have more details.

Thank you for your patience.

Nothing has changed … very untrustworthy !

They didnt respond me since i wrote it. On skype they told me to wait… week of waitin for nothing… they are fooling us with these bonuses

Are you sure u guys signed up for the bonus and really read it how it work?I got mine 10 days ago.

Are you sure ur revenues were higher than the previous month ? if they are not higher or are the same you won’t get a bonus unfortunately.

If the New Revenues are greater from the Old Revenues, participant shall be entitled to receive a dollar bonus for every $3 earned over previous month’s earnings.

startapp never paying bonus