Startapp earning zero why?

after startApp make improvements on May 17th and 18th in the statistical report.
my income is zero for this day .
Imprsion : 35.400
Click : 9850
what you guys have the same problem ?

Try other ad networks. Startapp is getting worst. Check this thread

today when I install their new sdk 3.0 to my app and when I tested it , it showed me once video ad , I think they are working on these ads and this is why they drop last days …

Its’ a real shame how bad Startapp has being lately. I used to love them and have them in all apps but it’s just bad now. Try other networks @Qwertyy

I’m same, startapp now is not making me money, I’ve been waiting for many days to improve, but does not improve, or 0 or very little money.

I have the same situation. Low ecpm with mobilecore and startapp. Moreover startapp has suspended one of my accounts with reason: install, click frauds :confused: - I have implemented everything like in documentation. No accidental clicks or installs.
No idea what happened. They decision is final and there is no way to talk with them. The closed my account without any notice (and of course they took all of unpaid money). Please be carrefour with startapp. The are getting worse than admob lately.

Mobilecore is still ok, but as i mention - they have low ecpm.

Doeas someone have some good alternative for interstitials?

yes startapp sucks really hard these days with near 0 ecpm. I’ll wait 2 or 3 days more and I’ll give up with them. Is the entire month that they suck as hell. They still need to understand that they have to work much harder and be clever on this industry to please developers … like appnext do for example.

How is appnext doing?

I rarely saw anyone complain about them

Well let me be the first,

Appnext results for May so far
Impressions Earning eCPM
181,063 48.04 0.27

and what ecpm did you have 1-2-3 month ago? Did you made any change these months?