Today i see my report startapp EArning ZERO.
Imprsion 11000
Click 3400
Ecpm 0.00
Earning 0.00
Anyone have same problem?

Already contact support but nur respone…

All good on my end… Probably some bug, they’ll take care of it I hope

yes all good in my apps
contact startapp they tell you

Can you share your income today?

I have average 1,5 ecpm , 15% ctr on startapp from coming 2 months … but from few days,weeks ago its going down in around 10-30% so its not so small , maybe they lost advertisers or something but I hope everything will back soon as usually :slight_smile: and now they are preparing video ads on beta, thats sound interesting :smiley:
I only hate they exit ads … always “you have virus , scan your device” etc. but as I saw admob have similaire ads sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you share your report today?

everyone have same problem one day my ecpm 0.00 one day 0,50
i have 10000 impressions and 4000 clicks too

I hope startapp fixed this bug as soon

I used to have between 6/12 usd day
day before yesterday 0.80 USD
yesterday 1 USD
something is wrong in startapp, hope soon working again
Have you got the same problem as me with startapp?

That’s a 40% CTR…

startapp started problems also for me yesterday
I think of put out startapp]
what you use people here ?

i try airpushs eula free sdk ecpm not bad,but some days 360 banners have 0 ecpm

now working fine with me

Yes their eCPM is too low… I am new to startapp. Just started 4 days ago. I used only admob for months and then learned some backfill stuffs and tried amazon as primary (not using now because of their very very low fill rate). After some research, i picked up startapp based on the reviews and other things considering the revenue paid. But on the contrary i got only $0.25 for 1857 impressions with 80clicks!! eCPM just $0.13 :frowning: . thats too damn low! If i had these stats in my admob, it would have fetched me about $5-10 for sure (the network that everyone say as a low paying one). Even when admob pays like this, i guess startapp surely should based on what they say and reviews. Is this only for me or is it the average eCPM kind of stuff value in startapp? Someone ? Any advice?

PS: I have to agree that the number of clicks have got a lot higher. I hardly get 10-15 clicks per day per app in admob. Startapp says that it has got 80 clicks but revenue is for like 1click or even less!!

To my AdMob it is the best, the other only works if you admob not supported. Now my startapp serves me right, but do not have results for many countries, there are only filling in usa almost all the other impressions are lost

Yesterday 1290 clicks. My startapp-revenue $3.22.

$0.0025 per click vs. $0.046 by admob!

(same apps, 50:50 ratio)

Really saying you don’t have that many clicks for admob… I don’t know how but the click rate is damn high with startapp but eCPM is very low

StartApp is a CPI network, not CPC. In other words, they pay you when users clicks the ad AND installs the app advertised.
But StartApp ads are misleading and they pay pennys for install, that’s why CTR is so high and ecpm is so low.

Can anyone help me ???

I am new developer and I have integrated StartApp for showing “rewarded video ads”. However in the “publisher portal” of StartApp I cannot find the statistics for the “rewarded video ads”. Under the “ADD TYPE” drop list I can see “banner, return ads, native, interstitial, splash and slider”. “Rewarded video” does not appear there.

Does anyone know where to find ???