Startapp earning problem

Hi friends, I create a new android program and last 2 day I use startapp ads.

I use interstitial,splash and banner…And I have click splash advert I sure %100
because yesterday my friend have test click… “Please friend, click splash advert” I click splash advert because I test click.

And my traffic is %90 “Turkey”
But My earning is “0” yesterday and 2 day ago total 800 imperssion but earning “0” look statistic :


Please help me…İf I always “0” I will be remove startapp ads…Why my earning 0 and why does not count click.

Sorry my english is bad…Thank you…

Why your downloads are zero?
I have used startapp in past gave them many downloads and impressions but my ecpm never went above $0 so i removed startapp :slight_smile:

Because I do not use in ap plus sdk… I use normal sdk…I don’t use download earning sdk because in ap plus sdk remove 3 month later…

You are generating a low amount of impressions right now. Once you’ve generated a few thousand impressions you should start to produce revenue.
Also, StartApp rarely pay for clicks. They pay for actual installs, like many networks do these days.

If you still haven’t earned anything after 2-3k impressions you might want to get hold of their support to check there are no issues with your implementation.

Sample: 1 week later if 2.000 impression show and 40-50 click how much money earning ?

@denizimo, they pay for installs, not for clicks. So, to be sure, just ask your friend to click on ad and then download the app. You should see the revenue afterwards.

But very hard advert program install

people never install the advert program
very very hard
Startapp very hard earning

If the program is not installed, I will not gain ?

I don’t understand why you think you won’t earn anything from CPA/CPI…Its an industry standard these days.
And yes, you are only paid per install, although I think StartApp still run a few CPC campaigns, but not many.