startapp earning low

I just use the startApp , but my income is very low . approximately fortmat ads what makes a high income ?
My application traffic , USA , UK .
is there any here who give advice ?

If u want to earn good cpm from startapp, use their splash ad which shows a welcome screen followed by ad to the user on app launch. For other placements of ads in your app, use some other network.
When the same user is shown multiple ads from same ad network in single app launch, ad networks reduce the ecpm because the user is less likely to (get fooled) click on the same ad in one app launch.

a good advise, i will change my mind with startAPP

also counts from WHERE you got your users. India ? Africa ? … or USA, Norway, Rich Country…
also in what “category” is your app in ? Wallpapers or … Finance / Entertainment ?