Startapp does not show referrals

About a week ago I invited my friend to Startapp. He registered with my link and has some decent impressions. But I can’t see his email in my ‘referrals’. Does anyone have the same problem?

Hello mmmkkksss,

Once your friend has added valid payment details and his account has been reviewed by our compliance team, his account should show up under your referral section. I’d be happy to look into your case further if you PM me your account ID and your friends email address, or you can reach out to our support team at [email protected].


Thanks for fast support! It is ok now:)

StartApp referrals now only sucks.

Yep, currently there are other refs program much better than their… Their 3 months limit time is killing most of the income… But still - it’s good that they have sth like this at all;)