StartApp Dating Ad "Unlimited Video" legal ???

Hello, today i received “Unlimited Video Ad” from Startapp when i click it open multiple suspect pop-up ?
link to picture :
View image: Screenshot 2016 05 15 13 10 13
View image: Screenshot 2016 05 15 13 10 17

it’s legal ?

legal if not redirecting to porn or dating portal(if you have for everyone age rating)


Today I tried to update one of my apps with the StartApp SDK and has been rejected by Content Rating problems due to advertising.
The problem is that from my location (Spain) not can see any suspicious ad but probably from the location of the GPD staff(USA?), appear some similar advertising that you show in your links, so it is very difficult to fix the Content Rating suitable if we are not able to see the ads that show our applications in other countries.

Policy Issue: Your app was rejected for violating the Content Rating Guidelines. Your app’s advertisements are inconsistent with your app’s content rating.

These guidelines apply to all content in your app, including user generated content, in-app products, and advertisements.