StartApp dashboard not updating

My StartApp dashboard and reports haven’t updated for two days. Anyone else experiencing the same?

You should mail for the support team :slight_smile:
Mine is normal!

Submit a new ticket to Startapp team.
Mine is ok :slight_smile:

Mine is okay too.

works fine, but I wish they add hourly stats updates if not live

Yesterday, Startapp suddenly VERY LOW eCPM (Just about 0.3$ eCPM). Did you get it like me?

My yesterday eCPM is also lower than normal. At least %25 lost of revenue.

I found what the problem is. I forgot to change the Dev and app key before releasing the app. I had the keys as “1” so that I could click the ads and test them. Then I realised the app without changing them.

I wonder how StartApp handled those ads?

Well the ads were showing normally. So I guessed they were processed against the advertiser as normal except no money went to the publisher

I email to startapp supporter and get the answer is:
[i]Earlier today, we received a message from one of our advertisers. They were having a technical issue and requested that we stop all of their campaigns until their issue was fixed. As soon as this issue is fixed on their side, you should see your eCPM increase again.