StartApp continue make mistake ????!!!!!

StartApp continue make mistake or SCAMMMMM!!!

I had registered with email [email protected] a few month ago, but don’t user them SDK.
I only use Admob Sdk until i see them bonus in summer, i decided use Startapp SDK with my Ios App.
In August i have earn over 2100$ with Startapp and few day ago they had banned my account with the same reason of master’s topic.

I had use Admob SDK and here my proof of admob

And here the status of my app in Apple Store

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 09.50.57 (2).jpg

Startapp said i had use tool to auto-click, generating impressions,install…
This demonstrates that startApp can detect my frauds, but Google did not?!
Can i ask anyone here who can deceive google yet? No, no and no body can do that.
I need a action from StartApp, if anythings else happen i will mark StartApp as a SCAM ADS NETWORK.

Maybe they made a mistake in your case.
But for sure they aren’t a scam, as thousands of people are using them (me included) without any problem (other than eCPM going down in last few months)

Maybe the revenue you earn is low, but in my situation is over 2100$, i use both admob SDK and Startapp SDK, but why just Startapp detect my app is fraud and Google couldn’t???
I need explain from StartApp. They just say general about fraud but don’t give any details.
Every one need to careful, someday you will be ban from StartApp with unclear reason.

What is the link of your app? Let me try.

I see your app in the image:
But how many install per day and DAU with it? I have app daily install about 2k, DAU 12k but only earn 5$/day with startapp exit ads.